I have teaching experience going back to 2016, and have extensive experience and training in teaching online. I follow student-centered and active learning teaching methods and work to help students gain skills to succeed in today’s shifting economy, become lifelong learners and to be active and engaged citizens who give back to their communities.

My approach to teaching is rooted in evidenced-based research from the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SOTL), which I immersed myself in during my PhD studies as part of the University of Cincinnati’s Graduate Association for Teaching Enhancement (GATE). With GATE, I served on the officer board for multiple years. GATE facilitated workshops sharing SOTL insights with fellow graduate students. Additionally, I earned a graduate certificate in Preparing Future Faculty (PFF), which among other requirements, included a 40-hour long mentorship with a faculty member outside of my department and taking a teaching effectiveness course taught by the director of the University of Cincinnati’s Center for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning.

At Sam Houston State University, I participated in a Faculty Learning Community (FLC) that met several times throughout the semester to discuss pedagogical research and approaches and we tried out different teaching methods and assessed their effectiveness.

I regularly attend pedagogical workshops, including workshops at the International Studies Association and American Political Science Association. The latter are especially useful to learn about specific methods that are most effective for international relations and comparative politics courses.

Undergraduate courses I have taught:

  • American Government (online and in-person)
  • International Human Rights (online and in-person)
  • Introduction to International Relations (online)
  • Introduction to Comparative Politics (online)
  • Latin American Politics (online and hybrid)
  • Politics of Ethnic Minorities & Gender (in the US) (online)

Graduate courses I have taught:

  • Women in Politics (online)